How To Pay For Home Care In 2019

There is new evolution happening in the healthcare industry.  Individuals have been demanding for more control over their options when it comes to their health.  Over the years providers have limited the length of stay available at hospitals and rehab centers.  The number of local health clinics has surged since 2010.  Think about it the next time your driving down a main road.  Walk-In clinics are everywhere now.  This is due to the shift of how we take care of ourselves.  A great benefit to this is the amount of “directed care” we receive.  Directed care is referred to as 1 on 1 care that has been specified to the individuals needs.

The benefits of home health care

Whether you are in need of 24 hour home care, recovery care, personal care or part time companionship, home care can help you.  And the best part is, it happens in the comfort of your own home.  A place you are familiar with and have probably lived for quite some time.  A study recently done by students at the University of Harvard showed the following outcomes for patients who have been cared for at home rather than healthcare facilities.

  • reduced number of falls and hospital readmissions
  • provides better safety from illness and infections
  • higher tailoring of needs to individual patients
  • better medication management
  • overall happier well being

cost of home health care

More and more clients and families are choosing compassionate home health care services as their best solution to help them stay at home and enjoy their best quality of life.  This is truly a blessing seniors have been able to experience.  Let’s explore your payment options.


Medicare is one of the largest payee of home health care services.  To be eligible, you must be age 65 or over, or be disabled under Social Security.  The Medicare home health benefit is designed to help with individuals recovering from an injury or illness or to help with other daily necessities.  It may cover a range of services such as nursing, personal care assistance and more.  In 2013, Connecticut started to offer the Adult Family Living Program.  This allows loved ones to age in place and have their family members be the primary caregiver.  We will cover this more in depth later.

Long term care insurance

If you have been contributing to a long-term insurance plan, it may be time to take advantage of it.  Long term care plans are usually set up much earlier in life to be able to reap the benefits.  It may be difficult to enroll in a long-term insurance policy if you’re in poor health or currently require long-term care.  Either way, check with an insurance provider to learn more about what plans are available to you or your family.

health insurance

If your loved ones have private health insurance, because they are under the age of 65 or a spouse is still employed, check your policy coverage for home health care.  Most private insurers will cover the costs of short-term care after a surgery or an injury.  High deductible plans tied to health savings accounts may offer tax advantages if you have been adding to them over the years.

private pay

Some families choose to pay for home health care expenses out-of-pocket.  If you do choose to pay out-of-pocket, discuss the benefits of this with an attorney or financial advisor.  Your ability to customize you own care plan and tailor it exactly to your needs is the most beneficial part of self pay.  Most home health care agencies are happy to work out payment terms with you.

adult family caregiver

This one has taken on a huge interest in the community since its inception.  Most senior loved ones want to stay in the comfort of their own home.  Eventually they will need to have someone care for them nearly 24/7.  This was almost impossible unless family members were able to sacrifice an income from one person to now stay at home and care for the recipient.  The state of Connecticut offers an amazing compensation program to not only ease the financial burden to families, but most importantly, please the interest of seniors wanting to stay at home.

If you are interested in this program and want to find out if you qualify or how to apply please visit this site here.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to one of our Juniper Homecare staff members at 860-523-1418.

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