What Does A Nursing Assistant Do

Ever thought of needing a helping hand taking care of a loved one?  Over 72% of people are unaware of the help that is available to them.  Help that their insurance will cover.  Help that they may be compensated for.  Below is just one of the resources we can provide.

having help from a Nursing assistant

By definition, a certified nursing assistant, also known as a CNA, is a healthcare professional who assists patients with various healthcare needs, under the direct supervision of a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse.  As a CNA, we are able to provide daily care to those who need light assistance.  This includes hospitals, nursing homes, personal residences and assisting living facilities.  The rising need of CNAs is due to the amount of elderly individuals who are aspiring to age in place.  With the help of a nursing assistant our senior loved ones have been able to stay in their home much longer.  While this is an astounding accommodation we are able to provide our community, it is something that many do not know about.

Responsibilities of a nursing assistant

  1.  HELPING LOVED ONES WITH BASIC DAILY ACTIVITIES – This includes any regular task in which the recipient can no longer do for themselves.  Some of these are cleaning and bathing, helping with combing hair, and caring for nails and brushing teeth.  Many patients have a great deal of difficulty keeping themselves clean when they are in a nursing home due to the lack of direct care.  Assisting in the use of the toilet and to get dressed.  Preparing meals and assurance of proper nutrients.
  2. HOUSEKEEPING – This is one of the jobs that most family members do not think about, but it definitely is important.  As a loved one ages, the chores become difficult for families to keep up with.  Our nursing assistants will help with cleaning the bedroom in which the person is staying in every few days.  We will keep the kitchen, bathroom and living areas clean.
  3. TENDING TO ISSUES AND CONCERNS – While you have a lot of responsibilities in your daily lives, having help from professionals is key!  Our team recognizes, notifies, and prioritizes anything that may arise.  This includes any medical concerns physically or mentally.  We document all medications being taken and any appointment that needs to be met.
  4. COMPANIONSHIP – Sometimes just having someone around to talk to, to have lunch with, or to run errands with.  Sometimes when the work stops so does the daily camaraderie we once had.  Not everyone has a group of buddies to have coffee with every morning.  And that’s okay.  Our assistants love what they do.  And the seniors can see it too!

how to obtain a nursing assistant

If you are interested in seeking more information on the services a nursing assistant or personal care assistant can provide please reach out to us at 860-523-1418.  Our staff will be happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have.  Some insurances may approve the need to assisted care at home.  Otherwise, we offer very affordable rates to everyone.

Our biggest goal is to inform the community about all of the options available.  You see, we understand the struggles people go through when a loved one can no longer fully care for themselves.  And like most people, you do the best you can.  But not having all of the information or utilize all of the resources available to you only makes this harder.

Please share this post with anyone you may know who is caring for a loved one.  Help may be available that they just do not know about yet!

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